Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Jack Russell Terrier Is Actually A Water Buffalo In Disguise. Or Maybe A Wildebeest.

Three years ago this July 4th, we were celebrating the holiday with our neighbors the usual way with grilling, socializing, imbibing a frosty beverage or two - fairly average behavior all in all. Our dog, who is always on my husband's heels was right up in the thick of it, having a grand time since all other dogs were contained in their houses due to her completely rude, crude and socially unacceptable behavior. Having all the humans to herself, Winnie became quite the party animal, visiting and snitching treats at every opportunity.

Around 10PM, it was decided that the time was right for the fireworks. Personally, I was anticipating some bottle rockets, roman candles, sparklers etc. What I was not expecting was a reenactment of the Battle of Fort Sumter to happen in front of my driveway. Truth be told, it was a miracle no one was hurt but I came to realize long ago that God protects the morons, and so we all walked away unscathed.

As we came in to get the kids ready for bed, I realized our dog was missing. So for the next three hours, Lawton and I took turns cruising the neighborhood looking for her. At 2AM we were about to call off the search for the night, both dreading telling the kids she was missing when they woke up. Lawton took one more lap around the hood and lo and behold here came Winnie running down the road towards his truck. Brought her home and realized that she had been given a bath. Uh. Okay. Anyway, dog was home and crisis was averted. For then.

Ever since that night, Winnie has been terrified of thunder, fireworks, gunfire and the like, which has made our lives very exciting on more than one occasion. Not only is it amazing to wake to a huge clap of thunder in the middle of the night, now we also have a vibrating twelve pound animal in our bed, whose "coping strategies" include tunneling around under the covers, panting wildly in our faces and wanting me to carry her around. I've tried all manner of medication, and for whatever reason, she is completely immune. Benadryl doesn't even slow her down. Neither does Xanax or Valium. Dog is an ox in Jack Russell clothing.

This past 4th, I secured a secret weapon. Feeling quite pleased with myself, I came home with some Ace, which is commonly used to sedate horses. Oh yes, you read that right. HORSES. So there! Giddy with anticipation, I call for the dog - no answer. Check around the house - nothing.  Um. Go back to the garage and ask my menfolk where she is and am assured she was inside. Which she wasn't. Apparently Lawton and Will had been doing some minor firework prep and Winnie was not secured inside as she should have been, so she left. We began the search around the neighborhood and eventually located her, thank goodness, because I probably would have been on the news for the world's largest hissy fit if we hadn't.

We gave her a few minutes to calm down and I gave her the medicine tout de suite. About half an hour passed, and I began to think that she was some kind of animatronic dog because nothing seemed to be happening. Then, about ten minutes later, the synapses pulled away from each other or something and my puppy dog was high as a kite. Eyes half closed, walking a little sideways, needing to lie down while crossing the was amazing. I laughed, Lawton fretted over her, and fireworks went off all over the place and she did not give a damn. It was an awesome 4th - Winnie slept all night with no panting or tunneling and so did we. And so, I would say the lesson to be learned here is this is why you make friends with people who have better meds than you do. The end.

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Alison said...

When my late chocolate lab was about a year old, he had mange, the treatment for which was a series of dips. The vet said it can sometimes cause transient side effects--drowsiness, and sometimes some neurological effects. After each of the first two dips he was a little sleepy but otherwise OK, but after the third one he was really dopey. We were taking agility lessons at the time (canine obstacle course) and the agility teacher was watching my poor dog wander around and look at the agility stuff like he'd never seen it before, and wander back and just kind of stare at me. Watching this, she said, ”He looks like he's had a few beers” which was a pretty good description. Luckily it wore off by the next day and the last dip was uneventful!

I just started reading your blog recently and really enjoy it.

Tanya Doyle said...

Wait, she had been BATHED???

bereccah5 said...

Yep. How weird is that? Now when she's dirty I tell her to run away to her "friend's" house and have a bath! ;-)

Mary Anne Payne said...

We give our JRT 6mg valium-Ace didnt work-or I didnt have a big enough amount . Ours does all of the above including major drooling and peeing on the rug in our guest bathroom. Our other two terriers could give a crap. Very cute!

bereccah5 said...

Uhhhhh...thank goodness we don't have any bodily fluids to deal with! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

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